Run coaching

Welcome runners. We're here to get you moving in the right direction. We provide personalized training plans and in-person run coaching suitable for beginner and intermediate runners.


Meet the coach

Beto EspitiaTrail and Ultra-runner

I'm excited to be considered as part of your running journey. I've been running for 18 years and have seen the life changing outcomes of incorporating running in my daily life. I've participated in both road, trail and ultra distance races ranging from 5k all the way up to 50 miles. I have taken the next step in my running journey to help other runners achieve their own running goals by becoming a certified RRCA Level 1, running coach. I look forward to running with you!
Specialties● Beginner road runners looking to find a good starting point while avoiding overtraining injuries. ● Beginning trail runners with a desire to learn what it takes to adjust training in new terrain.● Intermediate runners aiming to build confidence, endurance, and speed.

My running experience


Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Level 1 CoachCPR & First Aid

SeptemberBig Sur Trail Marathon  5,576 ft elevation gain NovemberNov 2023: Woodside Trail Run - 50k
7,000 ft elevation gain

Our coaching process

I offer a simple coaching process to help you on your running journey.

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    1. Sign up for a consultation

    During my 30-minute running consultation, I'll review your current running experience and goals. I'll be able to answer any running-related questions and we can chat about running gear, running form, hydration. At the end of the consultation, I can recommend a personalized running plan for you to consider. 

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    2. Purchase a training plan

    After your consultation session, I'll provide a recommendation for a training plan based on your running profile. Our training plans vary in length and I'll ensure that you meet your running goal.

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    3. Sign-up for online coaching

    If you feel you need more support during your training plan, I'll be able to meet with you online 


Basic training plans & coaching

6-week training plan


Personalized plan

Two 15-minute calls(At start and end of plan)--Access to VDOT platform

8-week training plan


Personalized plan

Two 15-minute calls
(At start and end of plan)
--Access to VDOT platform

12-week training plan


Personalized plan

Two 15-minute calls
(At start and end of plan)
--Access to VDOT platform

16-week training plan


Personalized plan

Two 15-minute calls
(At start and end of plan)
--Access to VDOT platform

Online coaching


Billed every four weeks

- Weekly email check-in and feedback*- One 15-minute call every four weeks.- Revisions of custom training plan (as needed)- Online coaching clients also receive 50% off a 7-session gym pass--*VDOT training platform($25 set-up fee)Clients must have purchased a training plan.

In-person session


per session

One in-person, 45-minute training session (Campbell Community Park Track)--For clients that have completed the consultation only.This does not include a training plan or online coaching.


Look through the answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

How much running experience should I have?

None. Seriously, the coaching I offer is perfect for the beginning runner. If running is completely new to you, you've come to the right place. 

How much time should I expect training to take up?

Every individual is distinct, I will work with you to find a running plan that best suits your life schedule. To achieve solid results, you will be active 3+ days out of the week.

How quickly will I see results?

The more you run, the more you'll see the benefits of running. Our coaching is organized around 4-week increments, I will work with you to create some running milestones for you to reach your potential.

How much time do I need to train for a half-marathon or a marathon?

Training depends on the level of fitness and running experience that you currently have. For example: an intermediate runner could start with a 16-to-24-week training plan. For marathon goals you would first need to have over 500 miles of running miles within the last 12 months to begin training.

Will I be able to meet with you in person?

I offer in-person running sessions for clients that have purchased a training plan. The sessions are typically geared as track workouts and vary in effort depending on your training plan. I prefer to meet candidates who can travel to the town of Campbell. 

Do I have to join your micro-gym?

No, you don't have to join our micro-gym to receive run coaching. However, if you purchase a running plan or online coaching you will receive a discount for private gym access.

Where are you located?

Cambrian Fit micro-gym is in Cambrian Park a neighborhood of San Jose and in-person running session occur in Campbell.

I have further questions can I call you? 

Certainly, you can always call us at
(408) 658-0670